Thoughts of Future Hindsight

by New Balance

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released July 12, 2016

Jeremy Leasure - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Brittany Beppu - Vocals
Nia Lankford - Vocals
Braden Nelson - Flute, Clarinet, Organ, Electric Piano
Morgan Nelson - Lapsteel, Singing Saw
Pauline Lay - Violin

All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered with Braden Nelson.



all rights reserved


New Balance Fullerton, California

A revolving door as music.

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Track Name: Cartoon Captions
Could've written cartoon captions in your foggy breath,
Morro Bay resumes it's routine at summer's end,
Riveting, given me a reprieve from upending,
Thanks for tipping the waitress, the coffee's nursing my rest,

I'lll just let the sun come up and warm these bones

Gaunt kitsch looming winds at my back,
This place is a Rockwell painting, main street dance,
Glad it's you and not just a milquetoast glance,
A little drive you'll gather a new sentence,

I'll just let the sun come up and warm these bones
Track Name: Shirley Temple
The birds were talking several at once,
But grace is a purifying fire,
Travel along to the human machine,
No need to lay in our own pyre,

But all I'll do,
Is worry from my point of view,
Walk a block or two,
Think of how to prevent or undo,

Dream of Shirley Temple in the witching hour,
Singing to blue birds in the wind up machine,
She tries a lot of things to get through the day,
Simply asking please be patient with me,

Still all I'll do,
Is worry from my point of view,
Walk a block or two,
Think of how to prevent or undo.
Track Name: Harold & Juanita
Even the flowers on your mom's bedspread,
Were friendly at first,
Tiptoe on rainclouds while my grandfather,
Loses his thirst,
Banged up his head on the way down the hall,
Taxidermied deer on the wall,
Your eyes looked a lot like mine, but glazed over,
Sweet Harold please note,

When you're ready sometimes you still hate to go,

Watched some westerns, Leone's best,
It's wild I guess,
Juanita references past, present, and future tense,
Stubborn actor, front loaded, drawn out sigh,
You keep pacing,
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

When you're ready sometimes you still hate to go,

Still hate to go.
Track Name: Sorry Bout the Roses
Dropped a brick from your window last night,
Sorry about the roses,
June hit with a mild change,
Life kept rolling
S.V.E. played "taking chances"
curtain called confirmation
Afterwards we ate a late dinner,
at your kitchen table

I left my shoes by the door, not sure what for, I suppose to aclimate more,
A bet to pick up and look forward,
it's my fault if inertia folds,
I'll answer a call on someone else's phone,
I'll run In circles,
If it's just spinning my wheels I at least hope, there's traction to yours

Still it's only right to miss home

It's like I found God in a stair well yesterday,
Passed your roommates clutter,
A breather from north county Fullerton, past the veil of the Orange curtain,
I'm pressed to see sky line, a retort, stark to my pried eye
Give a little time and maybe I can run with this, you seem to get the gist

Still what if I feign growth
Still what if I feel alone
Still what if it's time to go
Track Name: Half In
When I'm a street washed clean after a downpour,
When fat chance is I leave out that door,
When I'm falling down an up escalator,
I'm maybe half in,

When I mend what tomorrow will surely break,
When a grain trickles more than I can take,
When I can't make heads or tails out of it,
I'm maybe half in,

Wise man placed his house on rock,
Don't know how I built mine here,

When a grip is seen through to it's knees,
When I grasp what a quarter life might mean,
When I finish touting my latest scheme,
I'm maybe half in,

When I'm a litter of snags amongst the branches,
When a passing breeze is left happening,
When I smirk to show a little emotion,
I'm maybe half in,

Foolish man placed his house on sand,
Don't know how I built mine here,

When I climb a tree just to come down,
When I dance so free I lose my own crown,
When mountains peak but winters still sound,
I'm maybe half in,

When moss grows green in California drought,
When tactile dreams play up my doubts,
When foggy mornings turn inward shouts,
I'm maybe half in.
Track Name: Thoughts of Future Hindsight
Couldn't hear the rain outside,
Headphones on Carly Rae's sigh,
Water drought, flooded mind,
California drips tonight,
California drips tonight,

Blue with crime, passing time,
Dismissed my brightest line,
Thoughts of future hindsight,
California drips tonight,
California drips tonight,

Honey, wager what you fight,
Insecure, don't settle, delight,
LA's a hard city to mind,
California drips tonight,
California drips tonight,
I could do this for awhile,
California drips tonight.